One Month to Go!

How to Help Launch Native in April


Are you doing okay?

What is life like for you right now? Please comment and let us know. As much as this is a space to launch my book, it is also a community. You’ve chosen to share this space and journey with me, and I choose to share it back with you.

Let’s hold each other in these virtual spaces.

I’m cheering you on from my kitchen table, where I’m working these days alongside homeschooling my kids. We will get through this together.

Now, on to the practical stuff:

5 Ways to Help Launch NATIVE

  1. Make Sure You’ve Downloaded Your E-Book AND Pre-ordered NATIVE. Ordering online from places like Amazon may be simplest right now, but also please feel free to order from your favorite independent bookstore to support them. Don’t forget to fill out the pre-order form through my website for perks!

  2. Share, Share, Share! I’m providing some graphics at the bottom of this page so you can grab and share them, and thank you to those of you who are already doing so on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook! It means a lot.

  3. Rate & Review NATIVE on Goodreads. This is a really important part of releasing a book. Getting good reviews on websites like Goodreads encourages others to order.

  4. Start a Virtual Book Club! Even though you’re on my launch team, you still may want to read my book with friends. In a time when we are all forced to stay inside for *at least* another month, it’s a great time to start a book club online! I’m currently creating a 5-week discussion guide for anyone who is interested— it will be available on my website as soon as it’s ready.

  5. Recommend NATIVE to Your Favorite Local Bookseller or Library. Even if you don’t pre-order from an indie bookshop, please contact your local shops and ask them to stock Native. When our bookstores and libraries open after all of this, we want them to have Native available to readers everywhere.

And that’s it.

I know this is a stressful time of DOING and as much as I need your help with these things, I want us to also focus on BEING. So in your moments of quiet, if your spirit leads you to read Native, I hope it speaks to you and reminds you to keep going through the stories I share. I’d love to know which parts of the book speak to you.

One more thing.

Because my events have been cancelled, I’m planning a virtual book tour!

If you know of someone that would like to host me on their social media sites for a short conversation about my book, let me know! I’m planning events through May & June right now.

Thanks, friends, for everything. I couldn’t do it without you.